Cultivating the
Leaders of Change.

Revolutionaries who strive for a better future.

More than investors, we embed ourselves at inception, partnering with inventors,
challengers, adventurers to cultivate leaders.

Cultivating  the
Leaders of Change.

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Revolutionaries who strive for a better future

More than investors, we embed ourselves
at inception, partnering with inventors,
challengers, adventurers to cultivate leaders.


“There is one and only one person that makes something happen…that’s you.”

Steve MacDonald

Thrill-Seeker, Disrupter, Angel.
Founder, MacDonald Ventures

Steven Macdonald is a serial entrepreneur; a visionary who nurtures, mentors and invests in tech start-ups committed to creating a better world. With more than $400 million in exits in companies he founded, his rise to multi-million dollar success started with the founding of TechHealth in 1999 and myMatrixx, his pharmacy benefits firm, in 2001.

Following the 2017 sale of myMatrixx, which, at the time, was one of the largest privately owned companies in Tampa Bay, Steve moved on to his next venture, MacDonald Ventures, where he pursues his passion for startups in the high stakes world of Angel investing.

Steve’s unique and rebellious approach to investing and life were forged through a lifetime of following his gut, building his own community and never shying away from risk. From school to business, adversity has been Steve’s greatest teacher and a tool he has expertly wielded in creating wildly successful businesses.

Through his humble beginnings as an orphan raised in a trailer park, Steve learned to chase his curiosity, interests, intuition, and passions. This internal compass served him well as he developed advanced leadership skills in the Air National Guard, which he used to pay for college and in discovering a passion for technology, business, leadership and, ultimately, in founding his own companies.

Named the 2020 Tampa Bay Tech ‘Community Dedication and Leadership Award’ Winner, Steve has always been driven towards success, but his path to it has not been without obstacles. He refused to back down in the face of unprecedented challenges like the internet crash of 2000, being fired from the company he founded, the 2008 recession, and the rollercoaster ride of startups, all before exiting myMatrixx for $250mm. Steve credits these challenges with furthering his drive to succeed, improving his risk tolerance and instincts, and underscoring the importance of paving his own path in business and life.

“Knowledge is power, but not without action. I think it’s my duty to help the next generation of phenomenal entrepreneurs break out and succeed.”



Steve is heavily invested in the startup ecosystem of Tampa Bay.

In 2019, he was named Catalyst’s TiETAN Super Entrepreneur, an award that recognized his decades of work as one of Florida’s tech pioneers, and someone who has made a significant and positive economic impact in the region through job creation and prosperity, all the while leading a profitable enterprise. Steve serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Tampa Bay Wave, a tech startup incubator, and as a board member of Florida Funders, a hybrid venture capital fund and network of angels that funds and builds early stage technology companies in Florida and beyond.

He is frequently asked to speak on investing, entrepreneurship and successful startups.

A marathon runner, mountain climber, backcountry skier, spear-fisherman, kite-surfer, weight lifter, traveler, father, husband and now, angel investor, Steve provides founders and entrepreneurs with decades of experience, limitless drive, financial investment, mentorship and community. His passion for helping startups thrive as they develop revolutionary technologies is matched only by his resilience and drive to succeed.

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