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Investing in Florida Tech Podcast

In today’s episode, Steve MacDonald and Tom Wallace discuss how to choose the companies investors want to be engaged with, and also, some of the red flags for angel investing. Steve MacDonald is a serial entrepreneur who founded, among others, TechHealth and myMatrixx – the first web-enabled pharmacy benefits manager. The successful experiences in the entrepreneurial world led Steve into angel investing and now he is a Partner and a Board Member at Florida Funders and he helps find, fund, and build the next generation of technology companies in Florida.

  • In this episode, you will learn:
  • Steve’s background in the business world.
  • The reasons angel investing is viewed as part art, part science.
  • What to look for, when considering to invest in a company.
  • Our processing power and Moore’s law – the two essential components that spin the wheel of technology advancement.
  • Steve’s favorite companies that he has invested in.

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