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MacDonald Ventures isn’t your typical funding source or venture capitalist. We’re looking for opportunities that are as unique and, at times, rebellious as our founder, Angel Investor Steve MacDonald. Here’s what you need to know about how we find and fund phenomenons and invest in the future of world-changing tech.

Steve knows what it’s like to believe his idea can change the world — and how challenging it is to know that your success is tied to convincing investors to buy-in. Even if you do find a funding source, that person isn’t always a great match for your business. As an angel investor, Steve provides founders and entrepreneurs with capital investment, but also the investment of his time in guiding and mentoring them to success in the marketplace. 

We’re not afraid of risk – in fact, we embrace it. You can’t be successful at angel investing without risk. It helps that we thoroughly understand the tech sector and the startup experience and have confidence in Steve’s ability to mentor founders to success.

It’s best if a founder has a minimally viable product and some traction and revenue, but there are layers of complexity that go into determining whether or not to pursue an investment. A passionate, focused founder who has a tech-centric idea with a clearly definable WOW! Factor (a simple, easy to communicate feature that makes people say “WOW!”) goes a long way.

We focus on entrepreneurs with big, world-changing ideas. Our mission at MacDonald Ventures is to seek out and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs creating the technology that will change our world for the better, and, while we may consider an investment outside of this focus, this is where our passion lies. 

There’s no hard and fast rule; we have invested from seed to series A as well as some later stage companies. 

Although we have, it’s not our preference. In the majority of cases, we prefer to co-invest alongside another lead investor.

Our investments typically range from $50,000 to $1MM.

We are looking for passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs and founders with an idea that has a clearly defined WOW! Factor, the ability to delegate and take advice, and who is surrounded by great people. We’re looking for someone with the drive to persevere in the face of challenges, someone with grit. 

Very rarely.

The best way is to get into my network or to be referred by a known source. Interested founders can reach out to us here. ( / contact page)

A member of our team will reach out to you with next steps. If you do not hear back, don’t get discouraged. Due to the number of investment opportunities or timing, it may not be the right fit for me. That doesn’t mean your company is not investible. 

Here is a full list of the companies we are currently invested in.

2U Laundry, Airship, All Turtles, Alto IRA, Angel List Access, Fund III, Astranis, Awayco, Beeroll, Bestow, Better Doctor, Blend, Blokable, Bolt Financial, Booksy, Branch, Brilliant Worldwide, Butter, Café X, Catalog DNA, ClassWallet, Cloud of Goods, Cointopia, Collect Together, Confluera, Constraline, Cozy, De-Ice, Density, Density 2, Dewey Hospitality Group, Eight Sleep , Facilitron, Finexio, Fitbod, Flex Engage, Florida Funders, Gameflip, Gecko Robotics, Gentreo, Global Safety Management, GreenPark Sports, Grove Collaborative, Homee, HomeLight, Hop Grade, Huckle, Ideal Agent, Innerspace, Instamotor, IRL Gaming, ISS Investments, Jiobit, JumpCloud, Kebotix, Kush, Launch Fund 3, LeadIQ, Maku inc, MamaBear App, Mercury, Mojo Vision, MyMatrixx, Open Collective, Pickup, Ratter , Red Tricycle, Repscrubs, Rezi, Rinse, Ripple Labs, Roofstock, Scener, Seed Florida Fund, Shape Shift, Sigma, Skillshare SoftWear Automation, Spark Neuro, Stay Wanderful, Suterra, Tempo Automation, Thalamus, Thryve, Trash Butler, Vicarious Surgical, Vizetto, Wag, WanderJaunt, Web Infinity, Wrapify, Zembula

Bootstrapping is great, but it’s not always possible (or advisable) to go it alone forever. The right investment is more than a financial one for me, it comes with my expertise, guidance and mentoring, too. I know firsthand that launching a startup isn’t easy, but it will be worth it. Enjoy the ride.

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